INSPECTUS Housing Inspection Software Can Be Used In:

  • Pre-REAC inspections
  • Rental housing inspections
  • Apartment inspections
  • Public housing inspections
  • Pre-HUD home inspections
  • UPCS inspections
  • Real estate inspections

The UPCS contains the same defect definitions that are used in the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) PASS (Physical Assessment Subsystem) inspection. The REAC UPCS has become the accepted standard of multifamily properties and IRS tax credit throughout the country.

INSPECTUS software running on a tablet

Pre-REAC Inspection Software

Have a REAC Inspection coming up?

Use INSPECTUS to discover before you inspect those items which will improve your property score the most. Our score report by point deduction lists in order the items from highest point deduction to lowest by area. Make efficient use of your resources to fix the items which have the greatest impact on your score.

INSPECTUS Feature Overview

  • Tablet design
  • Works with multiple inspectors on a property
  • Picture/photo enabled
  • REAC based scoring
  • UPCS Inspectable Items
  • UPCS Deficiencies
  • Share PDF Reports
  • Save Inspection Data in the Cloud
  • Download past inspections and reports
  • Share inspections with others in your company
  • Always the latest version of the software

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